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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eminent domain – condemnation?
When is the eminent domain – condemnation process going to begin for my property?
What are my rights?
What are my risks?
When should I retain Fixel & Willis?
What experience does Fixel & Willis have helping people who have faced the eminent domain process?
What will it cost for Fixel & Willis to be my lawyers?
How reliable is the information provided to me by the condemning authority?
Can I prevent the taking of my property?
In Florida, what constitutes eminent domain compensation?
Once I’m convinced that I have been offered fair market value, is that all the information I need before I settle with the condemning authority?
When the condemning authority makes its offer to a property owner, does it have to account for all of the project’s negative impacts to the remaining property?
When will I receive my full compensation?
How likely is settlement?
Do I have to be present in court?