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About Fixel & Willis


Eminent Domain Claims

Over the span of four decades, Fixel & Willis attorneys have handled over 2,800 eminent domain claims for property owners and affected businesses.

Introduction to Fixel & Willis

Fixel & Willis’s wealth of experience has included the representation of a variety of property owners and businesses whose property has been  acquired by condemning authorities.

Fixel & Willis is one of only a handful of Florida firms to essentially restrict its practice to eminent domain – condemnation, and that is a key distinguishing strength of Fixel & Willis.

Fixel & Willis’s Roles and Objectives

For affected parcels handled by Fixel & Willis, the client is the decision maker. Fixel & Willis’s role is to use its decades of eminent domain experience to inform, advise and represent the client.

Fixel & Willis’s objective is to obtain the most desirable results for each client. That may mean obtaining non-monetary solutions, such as preventing the taking from occurring, preserving suitable access, restoring adequate drainage facilities, and modifying government or a utility company’s right of way plans.

In addition to securing non-monetary solutions, Fixel & Willis’s efforts are directed to obtaining full compensation for each client

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