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NextEra Energy, Inc. which owns the Florida Power and Light Company as well as Gulf Power, is contemplating a route for a 161 kilo-volt high power electric transmission line project.  The proposed 176 mile route would connect a Columbia County substation outside of Lake City to a Jackson County substation in Marianna.  Many parcels and property owners may be impacted by the high voltage power line mounted on 90 foot concrete poles at 500 foot intervals.  The project is the preliminary stages and the final path is still to be determined.   Construction of portions of the project could begin as early as 2020 and is estimated to cost $350-$380 million dollars.

To complete this project, NextEra Energy and is its subsidiaries Gulf Power and Florida Power and Light plan to acquire (via eminent domain, if needed) hundreds of parcels of property in a variety of Florida counties, including Gadsden, Jefferson, Jackson, Leon and Madison counties.  The Fixel Law Firm – a Florida law firm that represents private property owners in eminent domain matters – has requested preliminary plans for the North Florida Resiliency Connector and once received will carefully review them.  If you own Florida property that may be acquired as part of the North Florida Resiliency Connector project or have received information from NextEra Energy, Gulf Power or Florida Power and Light indicating interest in acquiring your property, and you have any questions or concerns about the potential taking of your property or Florida eminent domain law, please contact The Fixel Law Firm by email at info@fixelwillis.com or by telephone, toll free at (800) 848-7535.