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Florida’s Turnpike and Bay County TPO Plan for Potential Toll Road from US 98 to I-10

In a recent Panama City News Herald article, it was announced that the Bay County Transportation Planning Organization held a meeting at which the organization discussed the potential construction of a toll road connecting US 98 in Bay County to I-10.

Three potential routes were discussed in this meeting ranging from approximately 45 miles to about 53 miles in length, all of which would include four lanes and begin near the bend of US 98 and Tyndall Parkway.  Two of the routes go through only Bay, Calhoun and Jackson counties, while the other option goes through Bay, Gulf, Calhoun and Jackson counties.

The purpose of the study is to analyze whether another emergency route out of Bay County is needed given the current growth of the region.

The proposed plan is to have the toll road open by 2035.  Per the article, the project will be implemented by the Florida Turnpike Authority with input being provided by all affected communities.

The attorneys at the Fixel Law Firm, a Florida firm that represents private property and business owners in eminent domain matters, are closely monitoring the evolution of this study to determine how the toll road will impact private property owners.  If you own property that may be impacted by the proposed toll road and would like to speak with a Fixel Law Firm attorney to discuss your property, please contact our office toll free at 1-800-848-7535 to schedule a time convenient to you to speak with us or please email the Fixel Law Firm at info@fixelfirm.com.