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One reason some Florida property owners are hesitant to hire a lawyer is that they worry it will cause them to end up in the courtroom.  These property owners fear that hiring an attorney will cause a near-certain trial, which will cause a significant disruption in their lives.

While understandable, this fear is almost always not justified.  In Florida, an eminent domain trial is a far from certain event.  Fixel & Willis attorneys, for example, have settled (without going to trial) approximately 95% of the thousands of Florida eminent domain matters they have handled.  Many of these matters were even resolved pre-lawsuit, without utilizing the court system at all.

Many more were settled after suit was filed, but well before trial.  One effective tool utilized by Fixel & Willis attorneys to settle many of these eminent domain lawsuits is mediation.  Mediation is a formal settlement negotiation that occurs outside the courtroom.  It is led by a neutral third-party attorney, who earnestly discusses with both the property owner and the condemning authority the pros and cons of their cases.

Fixel & Willis’s attorneys have successfully mediated all types of Florida eminent domain cases with a variety of condemning authorities.  One reason Fixel & Willis attorneys have succeeded in mediating these cases is that they believe a primary goal of mediation is to determine the maximum amount of money and additional non-monetary benefits the condemning authority will offer to settle a case.  Once this offer is revealed, Fixel & Willis attorneys will advise, analyze, and make recommendations to their property owner clients about the potential settlement.

This honest and educated assessment assists Fixel & Willis’s clients in making informed decisions about their case, and it often results in Fixel & Willis’s clients obtaining full compensation without the burden of trial.

If you own property in Florida that may be subject to an eminent domain taking and you have a question about the potential mediation of your matter, or any other eminent domain issue, please contact Fixel & Willis’s firm administrator by email at sharris@floridaeminentdomainattorneys.com or by telephone toll-free at 1-800-848-7535.