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The Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) recently released 30% construction plans for the second segment of its SR 75/US 231 road widening project in Panama City, Florida, which is located in Bay County. This second segment (heading from South to North) of the SR 75/US 231 widening project begins near Pipeline Road and ends North of Penny Road.

The 30% plans indicate that the FDOT will be widening SR 75/US 231 to six lanes, and 88 parcels of property are planned to be acquired to complete this segment of the SR 75/US 231 road widening project.

Fixel & Willis – a Florida law firm that represents private property owners in eminent domain matters – has received the FDOT’s 30% construction plans and has carefully reviewed them for its affected clients. If you own Bay County property that may be acquired as part of the SR 75/US 231 widening project and you have any questions or concerns about the FDOT’s potential taking of your property or Florida eminent domain law, please contact Fixel & Willis’s firm administrator, Susie Musgrove Harris, by email at sharris@fixelwillis.com or by telephone, toll free at (800) 848-7535.