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FDOT Releases Virtual Project Update for the SR 20 Project in Walton County

The Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) recently released a virtual project update for its SR 20  Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study in Freeport, Florida, which is located in Walton County.

The conceptual plans indicate that the FDOT will be widening SR 20 to four lanes between King Road and CR 3280/Black Creek Boulevard.  Approximately 187 parcels of property are planned to be acquired to complete this project along SR 20 which spans the entirety of Walton County from the Okaloosa County Line to the Washington County Line.

The Fixel Law Firm – a Florida law firm that represents private property owners in eminent domain matters – has received the FDOT’s conceptual plans and has carefully reviewed them for its affected clients.  If you own Walton County property that may be acquired as part of the SR 20 widening project and you have any questions or concerns about the FDOT’s potential taking of your property or Florida eminent domain law, please contact The Fixel Law Firm by email at info@fixelwillis.com  or by telephone, toll free at (800) 848-7535.