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When is the eminent domain – condemnation process going to begin for my property?

The estimated time for a condemning authority to begin the eminent domain process will vary according to circumstances.

Indeed, every infrastructure project has three phases:  (1) planning and design; (2) right of way acquisition; and (3) project construction.  The timing of the second of these three phases is what will determine when the eminent domain – condemnation process will occur for the project affecting your property, and it is dependent on many factors, including when funding for right of way is scheduled to be spent.

If you have questions about the timing of a project that affects your property, please contact our Firm Administrator by email at sharris@fixelwillis.com or by telephone toll free at (800) 848-7535.  The Fixel Law Firm will be happy to schedule a conference with you to discuss any and all currently available information.