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What are my risks?

While the condemning authority will have skilled acquisition agents, attorneys, and appraisers working for it, Florida law does not require the condemning authority to fully inform you of the risks associated with being the target of condemnation, and the condemning authority rarely attempts to do so.

The condemning authority’s focus is generally on designing its project to serve its purpose, not on identifying, disclosing, and fully accounting for the project’s negative impacts to your remaining property or business. This creates significant risks for you, the property owner or affected business, because these impacts can be serious, permanent, and not apparent until the project is complete.

A few examples of these unapparent negative impacts include unfavorable drainage consequences, driveway connection problems, and detrimental road elevation changes.

In addition, the condemning authority may not fairly appraise what you should be paid for the property it seeks to acquire from you.  Without an experienced eminent domain team, like the ones led by the Fixel Law Firm, working on your behalf, you may not be paid fairly for the property acquired, and the condemning authority may never pay for, or even address, certain negative impacts to remainder property.