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What are my rights?

You have a right to be paid full compensation for property acquired and for certain negative impacts to your remaining property.  To ensure this right is protected, you have the right to have an independent appraisal prepared for you by an experienced eminent domain appraiser at no cost to you.

To assist your appraiser in ensuring that all negative impacts to your property are properly taken into account, you have the right to have an experienced site analyst carefully evaluate — at no cost to you — the condemning authority’s construction plans and the accompanying consequences to your remaining property.

Florida law obligates the condemning authority to be responsible for court determined fees for a law firm like the Fixel Law Firm to help you with your real estate claims.

If a business is located on the affected property, you may also have a business damages claim.  Business damage claims can include actual and/or anticipated lost profits and lost goodwill suffered by an operating business as a result of a government taking of private property.  Additionally a claim for trade fixtures can frequently be made as a part of a business damages claim (or separately, if need be). For more detail regarding all aspects of eminent domain compensation, please see below Question & Answer “In Florida, what constitutes Eminent Domain Compensation?”.