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Florida Eminent Domain Topics

Attorneys’ Fees

Under Florida eminent domain law, it is constitutionally mandated that property owners’ attorneys are paid reasonable fees by the condemning authority (e.g., the governmental entity or utility company taking the property at issue).  This constitutional protection does...

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One reason some Florida property owners are hesitant to hire a lawyer is that they worry it will cause them to end up in the courtroom.  These property owners fear that hiring an attorney will cause a near-certain trial, which will cause a significant disruption in...

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Business Damages

The vast majority of Florida businesses use private property to conduct their commercial enterprises.  For many of these businesses, road frontage and high traffic count are critically important to the businesses’ success.  Fast food and petroleum marketer businesses,...

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Order of Taking Proceedings

There are two methods by which property interests can be condemned in a Florida eminent domain proceeding.  The first type of proceeding is the rarely utilized “slow take” proceeding.  In a “slow take” proceeding, before title to the property at issue is transferred,...

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