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Fixel & Willis

211 South Gadsden Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Telephone: (850) 681-1800
TOLL FREE: (800) 848-7535

Florida Eminent Domain – Condemnation Attorneys

Fixel & Willis is an eminent domain – condemnation law firm with offices in Tallahassee. The firm serves clients throughout the state of Florida. One distinguishing characteristic of the firm is that it restricts its practice to eminent domain – condemnation.

All of the firm’s resources are directed to put each client in a position to make the best fully informed decisions. This singular focus has enabled Fixel & Willis to develop a sophisticated eminent domain parcel management system which is employed for each and every firm client. Utilizing this parcel management system, Fixel & Willis closely monitors each client’s needs and regularly communicates with each client.


These commitments to client services underscore Fixel & Willis’s efforts to provide quality legal representation to every one of its clients.

Importantly, the legal services provided by Fixel & Willis to its clients for pursuing and securing property claims are not paid by its clients. Instead, Fixel & Willis accepts as full and final payment for its services what the condemning authority is required by law, as determined by the Court, to pay.