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The Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) plans to add lanes to State Road 292 in Escambia County. As an initial step in the progress of this project, the FDOT recently released preliminary design aerials. These design aerials depict that many property along State Road 292 may have their property targeted for eminent domain acquisition.

Fixel & Willis – a Florida law firm that represents private property owners in eminent domain matters – has received the FDOT’s preliminary design aerials and has carefully reviewed them. If you own Escambia County property that may be acquired as part of the State Road 292 widening project and you have any questions or concerns about the FDOT’s potential taking of your property or Florida eminent domain law, please contact Fixel & Willis’s firm administrator, Susie Harris, by email at sharris@fixelwillis.com or by telephone, toll free at (800) 848-7535.